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for teachers and students
The X Academy is a web application designed by teachers for teachers and their students. Very user friendly, it is used to create activities and manage them in a fun and young environment.

Teacher space

For teachers: the teacher space provides all of the keys needed to share your courses and activities. You will find tools to create activities and homework remotely. Create, change, send out and collect your class exercises easily. The space also facilitates following up on students thanks to corrections, course management and completely secure communication with other teachers, students and the administration. Lastly, the website includes a very clear administrative section to better manage grades, report cards and student lists.

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Student space

For students: the student space provides a platform which is entirely dedicated to them. They can dive into their virtual school where they have access to their classroom and their dashboard. Thanks to an intuitive interface, they can easily follow the classes and carry out activities at home. To ensure their motivation, the activities are rewarded with Xeerys, which can then be used to customise their classroom or their avatar.

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Easy management

See the information below on managing activity creation tools. If you have questions about the activities, on planning homework or on designing a schedule for turning in assignments, you’ve come to the right place!

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Ways to access the X Academy.

One free month

Test the website free for one monthwith no commitment.


Monthly access without commitment costs €16 month . Save up to €72 a year with the annual subscription for €120.

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